Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Katrina Survivor, and Carpetbagging

Louise Jackson, 51, Pearlington, Mississippi

Washington Post: In Miss., Time Now Stands Still (link thanks to Kenny!)
Recovery Is Stagnant In Post-Katrina Towns
"Katrina left behind a great swell of land speculation. Signs reading "Cash for Homes" and "We Pay Top $ for Waterfront Property" are ubiquitous, as are developers hanging around city planning offices. It's urban renewal by hurricane, clearing land for a new Mississippi of upscale condominium towers and parks and many casinos. The many working-class residents who live within view of the coast could be outward bound."
I've already received three letters from these fucking carpetbaggers, asking if I'd consider selling my mom's land. They got my name and address from assessor's records. I'd maybe trade the land for their souls, if they still had some.


Anonymous said...

Check out Craigslist and see what rents are going for in New Orleans these days. It's insanity.

I never really truly understood the definition of "carpet bagger" until this past week. Now I get it. Bastards. There is a special level of Hell set aside for these people.

TravelingMermaid said...

I wrote a post on my blog in the hopes of doing my little part for MS. After reading this, I realize it is woefully inadequate. Seems everytime I begin feeling hopeful I get knocked down. I can only imagine how those less forunate feel.

Anonymous said...

I have friends who have moved up here to Chicago because they can't afford to live in New Orleans again even if they wanted to. They were my next door neighbors down there until the roof was blown off of their building by Katrina. It's just more evidence of how cruel and selfish so many are.