Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dog Dead

Dog Dead Under House, Ninth Ward, New Orleans

CNN - American Red Cross president resigns
"The president of the American Red Cross, Marsha J. Evans, who oversaw the charity's vast and sometimes criticized response to Hurricane Katrina, is resigning effective at the end of this month, the organization said Tuesday."
CNN - Katrina victims: 'Living in barns'
"More than three months after thousands of people lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina, local and federal officials are trading blame over the slow delivery of trailer housing"


Leslie said...

It's becoming glaringly apparent that the national organizations - whether government or not-for-profit, have become a bit God-like.

They are omnipresent, but when it comes to actual working, nothing really gets done and it's the 'little' people who do all the work, only to give the "gods" the credit or blame for whatever happens.

Habitat International is the same way. They criticize local affiliates for working their asses off to get volunteers on a regular basis to help with the rebuilding, but are still soliciting for volunteers the locals aren't allowed access to. Ditto on funding.

Anyone care to write to Jimmy Carter about this and ask him A)is it true and B) why it's happening?

Trying to solicit the "gods" themselves never works - I've found this out. But the ones who FUND the "gods" is a different story.

Yes, I woke up in a pissy mood. Sue me.

...e... said...

watching your archives build up to five, so far, and knowing you didn't start this blog until Katrina was with us...

Anonymous said...

Habitat for Humanity International has serious issues. How many millions of dollars have they received for Katrina relief? Nothing has been done with these donations. They will not support local affliates who come up with a plan that works. They should be ashamed. The people of Pearlington can't wait, they need help now. There are those of us that have put our heart and soul into trying to make a difference - but it is not easy. We will not give up, but we will not depend on a bureaucracy like Habitat International with millions of dollars at their disposal to give us a dime. All we can depend on them for is grief and obstacles.

But you know, none of this matters, we must as individuals find a way to help those in need. We cannot waste our energy on anger, instead we have to start grassroots movements big or small and do what we can. We are going to fight to give hope back to the people of Pearlington because we have seen first hand how desperately they need help.

There are individual heros who have done so much. We need to support these people. The media isn't telling their stories. In Pearlington, I have seen the work done by dedicated volunteers who have sacrificed their own well being to help there. Clayton, we hope you will search out these images and help these people get recognition they need to take their cause to the next level. Please let's focus on what works and forget ineffective non profits.

Perhaps this will sound too optimistic, but we must spread the word and give the little people who ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE a voice.

Neo said...
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Neo said...

Clayton -I know it's so messed up still. It hurts to see this on tv and in the newspapers. It's like nobody cares.

From JBI, to you and your family, I wish you a safe and happy Christmas.

I haven't forgotten you, may the next year be better than this year was.

God Bless


- Neo

thermalman said...

Sometimes if we hear about disaster were so afraid so much because of what will happen to. So hoping the victim of hurriacane katrina that they will recover about what happen to them.

Pure Cajun Rock said...

Clayton I have been in Pearlington after I seen your blog and finding out from my Daughter in law, how bad it still is there.
I was wondering if you would check my Blog. I am new at this but I am not new in helping People.I was doing a clothe drive and my Friend Kathryn who grew up in Slidell, but lives in Arizona now, promised to help. I called our Family in North Carolina Miami Shores and Ft Lauderdale and they been putting Articles in their local News Papers.
It was amazing how People reacted and helped.
Now since I been in Pearlington, I have a Mission! I will get these People help, somehow...
Check my site, I just started!