Thursday, December 08, 2005

Katrina Fish Fry

Fish and Mud on Rooftop, Slidell, La.


Anonymous said...

It is painful to see this happen my hometown...but it must me seen...especially by those who are not from there and do not understand that this will not improve in just a matter of months.

Where was the photo taken? Pirates Harbor? Carr Drive?

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"Salt Bayou John"

Ronky said...

Ron from Melbourne Australia, just wanted to say that you have created such a great blogsite and that I have included a link and post to you on my blog. Keep up the great work and get your stuff published - it will be a best seller.

Anonymous said...

ooh. thats pretty gross.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Photography as always

You RocK~~~~

Louise from Australia

Leslie said...


Go to for up to date information about cleanup, loans, trailer infor, etc.

Here's what I thought was important:

RESIDENTS URGED TO PUSH DEBRIS TO CURBSIDE BY DEC 15, Hancock County – The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers today announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has targeted December 31st as a final pass completion date for clean-up of the public right-of-ways in Mississippi. Residents can help expedite the cleanup of Hancock County by moving as much debris to the curbside by Dec. 15th. The Corp recognizes that areas such as Hancock County may require additional clean up time. The Corp will continue to clean up debris in the county until the mission is complete.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT HAS MOVED The Hancock County Health Department has moved to its new location at 3068 Longfellow Drive, Hut 3. FREE FLU SHOTS, ARE BEING GIVEN DAILY. Water samples for well testing must be dropped off at this location.Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 P.M.
The Health Clinic will be closed on December 19. It will reopen on December 20.

Last day to sign up for SBA loans, for individuals is December 31, 2005. Applications are being taken at the Skate Park, next to Fred’s in Waveland on Highway 90.

THE GULF OPPORUNITY PILOT LOAN PROGRAM is being offered by the SBA to expedite small business financing to communities severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Apply at Business Service Center, Hwy. 90 and Main Street in Bay St. Louis, (behind Shell Service Center). For more information go to Last day to sign up for SBA loans, is December 31, 2005.

FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE FOR SOME LOW-INCOME FAMILIES: The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Diversion Program provides a one-time payment to assist low-income working families affected by Hurricane Katrina. To qualify families must:
Have lived in Hancock County at the time of the disaster to apply in Hancock County.
Currently reside in Hancock County and have child(ren) under 18 years of age.
Have income that cannot exceed 200% of Federal Poverty Levels and cash assets no greater than $3,000.
An adult(s) in the family also must meet one the following criteteria: currently employed and working a minimum of 25 hrs. per week at or above minimum wage; job offer with start date within 14 days from date of application working at least 25 hrs. per week at minimum wage; or currently enrolled in a short-term job-skills training program. Bldg. 19 at County Office Complex, Longfellow, BSL. For more info. 467-4565

Leslie said...

Salt Bayou John,

This is Leslie -

I went to the org site you noted - no way to contact anyone on the site! While my main work is with Hancock County - I'm willing to share information with the town to help speed up the recovery process.

Please email me.


dogsinmexico said...

I really love your photos.