Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This and This


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Anonymous said...

that was exactly what I was thinking the day that New Orleans flooded and the country got it first look at the rest of the gulf coast - where do all all the families go with their photos and pleas since there's no one place they could gather, like there was on the streets of New York on 9/11, and 9/12, and 9/13...

and when, after a pause, I googled "katrina" "missing", what I saw was exactly what you saw: thousands of distraught people from across the country converging in common spaces, desperate for news of their loved ones. Your post is a potent visual connection between the consequences of those events, and the first of it's kind I've seen.

As for the rest of your blog (just discovered tonight)it's powerful and ever so necessary. I'm saddened by the devestation Katrina brought to so many communities, but moved and heartened by the heroism and humanity that endured the storm. Your art - and your town - speaks so much better of America than our statesmen and leaders do. Thank you.