Thursday, October 06, 2005

Katrina Faces

Catherine Carr, 55, Pearlington, Mississippi

Catherine was a volunteer helping with relief efforts in Pearlington. She had been through some scary hurricanes in Florida, where she lived, and came to Mississippi with Presbyterian aid workers to help in any way she could. She had a stern, no-nonsense air about her. Not mean, more like a sweet art teacher that's sick of students goofing off. She was so frustrated, a restrained anger, at how this hurricane was being handled by the government agencies, compared to the lightning response she had seen in Florida in the past couple of years. As we were leaving she came up to my mom and gave her a nice little work blouse she had found for her in the donated clothing, saying simply, "Here, I knew you would like this." And she was right.

People like Catherine are the anti-FEMA. Effective. Caring. Personal.


Tony said...

A beautiful photo of a beautiful lady.

The Big Kahuna said...

Clayton, thank you for sharing such powerful pictures of the real heroes of Katrina. Often it's the 'little' people who become the big people in times of anguish and hardship (and the big people like a certain Mr Brown just disappear).

I just have to ask this: I was just wondering, as a keen amateur photographer myself, what sort of lighting equipment did you use to create this powerful and evocative portrait?

Anonymous said...

Florida, well, there was an election around the corner, unfortunately for the Katrina victims, Bushie couldn't care less now, he got his two terms.
Thanks, Clayton, for your great work. Please do not stop.

Sun Tripper said...

I hope this is all put into book form and published. It would definitely be a best seller. What a riveting story you have documented here. This is the best bog i have ever read! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dave said...

Again, I'd love to know technically what's going on here. Soft light - flash? Ambient?
Thanks, just a student looking to learn.
Dave Elguan

Colin said...

I echo Dave's comment. Fantastic shot technically. Being a total newbie blundering photographer with a new D70, I'd love to know the approach you took to capture this show (lighting, settings, etc.). Fantastic portrait.