Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Round Of Print Sales

Some of the new images for sale.

The first edition of prints I offered for sale to raise money for my family's rebuilding is now closed. If you were one of the early people to grab a print, thank you. I'll be posting the edition numbers as soon as I can.

I've now issued for sale a second edition of entirely new images. Many people have been asking me to sell prints of the images I've taken in the Gulf, so this second edition includes a few of those, as well as style, scenics, still-lifes, and nudes. As with the first edition, these images will be issued on a time-limited basis. I'll sell them for no less than two weeks, no more than a month. When I close the edition, they're done.

Like I've said before, I never sell prints this way, but this is an extraordinary need, so I'm doing whatever It takes to help my people myself.

If you'd like to buy a print, or donate via Paypal, click here.



...e... said...

thank you for making these prints available. I bought two and only wish I could afford more.

Nembula said...

Dear Clayton; I can't afford a print but I wanted to make a little donation. But the link to Paypal is broken and I couldn't get through. I will try again tomorrow, but maybe you should let them know too. So sorry I was thwarted by technology today, tomorrow is another day.

nembula said...

Dear Clayton; Made it through today.........I am truly sorry it is so little so late.