Monday, October 24, 2005

Thou Shall Love, New Orleans

Thou Shall Love, Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans


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That is a great photo. Irony!

Anonymous said...

Is there an updated list of needs from your Mom & brother and your/our family, friends, and neighors? Has the US Postal Service re-established a presence in Pearlington yet? We can share some, and would like it to be things of use, and not an addition to the overwhelming burden that is so evident. Please keep posting our conscience.

Anonymous said...


Crack Head said...

To anonymous, check the latest posted updates:

You can allways send something, even without a list, I am sure they will find people who have a need for just about anything.

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks crack head. I just found this blog over the week-end and read the whole thing, in one very long session, what with being out in the hinterlands myself, on a sad dial-up, with an old computer. Took forever to load the photos, and somehow in my mind, I had transferred that list to mid-Sept. (Am using older brain, gets fuzzy sometimes.) Then I thought, well, heck, folks have already sent that stuff, now what do they need? But, as you point out, that was last week's list. A month or so ago, I sent some stuff to a different blogger, but then I never heard, and OF COURSE I do not think that responding to a box of goods should be high on the priority list, but yet, a part of me wanted a clue that I wasn't just making things worse, you know? I even put a self-addressed post card in one of the boxes. . . anyway, this gives me a place to start again. I know that somewhere he mentioned to remember the "big girls", and so I will. . . I once lost everything I owned in a fire, but that was just me and my daughter, not my community, my state, my region. A whole lot different. Thanks again!