Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Katrina Survivors

Tom Page, Pearlington, Mississippi


jo said...

Hi, you don't know me, but your work is awesome:) I found your blog site through craigs list and was blown away by your writing and pics:)Great work, photos and writing combined!

Anyways, my husband totally reminds my of you and your family...He also grew up there in Bay St. Louis, as well as New Orleans...And his life
was not always easy either, the correlation is wild...but, staying on topic...

I've been on the www.gulfcoastnews.com bulletin board since the missing started at 200 and watched in horror as it exploded to 70,000+! Never in my life did I ever think I'd ever be affected by a tragedy such as this, never...My husband had twenty family members (not including extended family) that survived, but half lost everything, just as your mother and brother...I totally can feel what your family is going through and I am so sorry for your loss, but you do still have each other:)

We are now still trying to hold on barely to all that we have...His one brother relocated his wife and baby to FL, while he'll commute back and forth from the Bay to
rebuild...Then the other brother actually started over in Winnie, TX, only to be confronted with another awful storm of Rita, can you imagine? He finally received
my first survival kit, I'd never heard someone so excited to get mail:) Of course they have to run a generator for almost $30 a day to stay cool in the 100 degree heat there, but he still has his life...He's the one who survived on a tree in Waveland and made it out alive w/his wife, only to leave again when Rita hit, unreal!

Then there's my mother-in-law and her husband (granma lucy and pawpaw tom)...she's a retired nurse in her 60s and he's a Vietnam Vet...they are believe it or not back in MS trying to scrape mold off of their walls every day so they can breathe at night...And, they are the lucky ones on their block, for they aren't sleeping in a tent or on the ground, yet...unless they get the walls torn down they are going to have problems...But, hey they still have a cracked foundation to build upon:)

Anyways, through all of this turmoil I've decided to devote my site www.generation2b.com to schools in the Bay area...maybe your brother or friends would like to add their school to the list...I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm following my heart and trying to help any way I can:)

I trully believe this hurricane came into my small life for a reason, to help me find reason for my life:) Being in LA (the other LA,Los Angeles) my husband and I are inundated w/posers and "fakes"...but that's the biz, and we chose to escape our small towns to find ourselves and our dreams, only to be drawn back once again:)

Well, take care and maybe we can help each other out someway...I've added the Red Cross/Missing Childrens banners to all of my sites, but I plan to change it to a more personal story, just as you have done, w/photos,thoughts,plans for the future,etc...I think if we all do that, we can create a "quilt" of memories that will be sewn together on the web for the rest of the world to view!

My sites area located at:
www.opencallproductions.com (for actors/models everywhere...)
www.joannbush.com (my site, selfishly devoted to my career:)
www.elephantsymphony.com (my husband's studio he's been devoting 24/7 to, to keep his mind off of everything else:)
www.generation2b.com (my other site devoted before, just to kids, but now sadly and w/hope, devoted to children of Katrina and Rita:)

I know this was a lot of reading, but I was very moved by your site and I can totally relate to how you broke away from your small town and like us are pulled back in, if only for a short while, to try and help these people, whether they are family and/or strangers!

Believe it or not, I never made it to New Orleans or Bay St. Louis, MS to see my husband's small town, and I think now I am driven with the guilt and sadness of not knowing what I have been missing...I trully feel I need to help these people keep what little heritage, culture and dignity they have left, America can not and should not wash these people away...

Anyways, enough already...

Best wishes with you and your family,
JoAnn Bush
Los Angeles, CA

PS Loved your laptop set-up, plan on going to BSL eventually, I'm working on my own DVD Documentary, the footage I already have to compile is overwhelming, but I think, and know it'll be worth it...So many layers of stories to tell, it's trully amazing...

Anonymous said...

What an amazing photo. Good luck man.

Kristie said...

I grew up in Pearlington. I stumbled across your site by pure, complete dumb luck. Your photographs completely capture the hopelessness, the desolation, and the pure misery of the situation. They are amazing. I walked through the same devestation not even two weeks ago (my grandmother's home was behind St. Joes, the catholic church), but I had no way to describe the way that I FELT. You have captured it completely. Amazing. Thank you for you vision, and sharing it with the world.

bigshoulders said...

striking images. what kind of gear do you use? is there an entry describing that? makes me consider going digital for the sheer immediacy of the medium.