Saturday, September 17, 2005

Goin' On To Heaven In The Sanctified Way

Yachts and sailboats, strewn about like minnows baking in the sun on the freeway. This is a marina on Lake Pontchartrain, next door to the small airport used by rich people with private jets.

Listen with me:
Goin' On To Heaven In The Sanctified Way - Sister Cally Fancy


clayton cubitt said...

There's no justice in any of these photographs. Sadly.

posted by: siege on 9/20/2005 1:05:15 AM


Two beautiful, beautiful photographs. Not that I wish misfortune on anyone - oh, but justice is satisfying, and so just is love...who can hide from love...

posted by: bthree on 9/18/2005 12:45:09 AM

Anonymous said...

Why is it that there is always someone or a group of "someones" that feel the need to make the rick responsible. Just because one can afford luxury items and uses them at will doesn't mean they ar bad and should be the recepient of bad fortune. Nor should the wealthy have to pay for the poor. If one wants these luxury items, then GET A JOB AND WORK TO PAY FOR THEM. Otherwise, quit wishing misfortune upon the wealthy and QUIT making the RICH pay for the POOR.

clayton cubitt said...

Hello Anonymous Coward,

Two things:
1/ It's fine to be rich.
2/ Use spellcheck.