Monday, September 26, 2005

JR on Route 90

JR had a small houseboat just off of Highway 90, or as locals call it "Old 90", the two-lane highway that hugs the marshes and inlets from New Orleans heading east, to the white beaches of Biloxi. His houseboat and shell-gravel yard was overrun with oddities and knick-knacks, a perpetual yard sale. He had a little fenced pit with a pig in it, and whenever you'd buy something from him and offer payment (whatever you wanted) he'd nod towards the pit and say "Give it to the pig."

JR's houseboat is long gone, and his knick-knacks washed away. No telling where the pig is. The block in the foreground says:

"JR if you come here please call me - Dorothy Gardner", and then, under that, a hurried postscript, "Hope you are alive, you was my best friend. 'Smile'"


Anonymous said...

This is another post that I visit everyday...

"Hope you are alive, you was my best friend."

That's heartbreaking.

Meira Rages said...

I can't really say anything more than Eud said. I just kinda froze when I read that. You're doing an amazing thing here.