Saturday, September 24, 2005

Katrina Survivors

Billy Gray, 57, Pearlington, MS.

He was like long-lost family, baked skin, wearing only faded cut-off jean shorts, bare feet. He and my mom commiserated about how useless FEMA and the Red Cross are. He told my mom she would be better off leaving, "Get the hell out, keep going, don't look back, there's no help coming for us."

We last saw him sitting on the bleachers outside of Charles B. Murphy school in Pearlington, the aid distribution point manned by the National Guard. He was having a cigarette in the hot noon sun, and he winked at us as we said good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you rember me but I e-mailed you a month or so ago, maybe more. I'm the young photographer/artist from Birmingham. I follow your stuff as closely as I can, and I'm happy to hear that your family is alive. I know what it's like for everything to be up in the air like that, and not knowing what's going on. I never thought I was one for controll, but when you have none It's a scary feeling. Anyways, as always I love the photography. If you stop in Birmingham on the way back I'll buy you a cup of coffee at the airport.

clayton cubitt said...

Thanks. Email me your info once more and I'll drop you a line if I'm through Birmingham again.

Anonymous said...

E-mail sent.